All the branding and marketing assets for the design conference CITRUSPACE 2019.

This design was created in mind with all the variables that need to be made, so it is a flexible design that can be easily resized to be used in various formats and different media.


This was a post for Instagram feed, the main cover and slide with more information or call to action.

Formatting to feature speakers, where is paired with information.

John Deeb Speaker Citruspace-01.jpg
CITRUSPACE insta post swipe-01.jpg

Using the same formatting but using color and labeling to differentiate different aspects of the event while still having a consistent brand.

Mariana workshop Citruspace
mariana get your ticket-01.jpg
1 day CITRUSPACE IG Story orange-01.jpg

Other social media variables. 

Instagram story  countdown as a reminder as event approaches.

Using similar layout and same brand colors, that it was also used in a different way as a ticket to email attendees after purchasing, containing key information.

EVERYONE Ticket  Citruspace-01.jpg

Design for products

This was a design inspired in Art Deco style, and was used for the event shirts and other derivables.

Citruspace shirt mockup_edited.jpg
Citruspace bottle blue_edited.jpg